Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner interested in starting a business blog but with limited time and no idea how to create your first post? Or maybe you are striving to create better content more efficiently? I’ve put together several of the tools I use for my blogging…

How many times have you seen an email in your inbox that you never subscribed to? Or tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe from a brand’s email database? Not only did one of these phantom emails hit my inbox earlier this week. But I also tried, unsuccessfully, to unsubscribe from a company…

In case you are not aware, Google is rolling out a ‘mobile-first’ index.

This basically means that the mobile version of your website will be used for indexing, hence determine your search rankings.

Search Ranking? Mobile-first? Wondering what this is? No worries. In this post, we will review how Google’s…

It was truly a pleasure engaging with the students at the Barbados International Business Association’s Secondary Schools Symposium.

Deidre Brathwaite

Digital Marketing Strategist. Entrepreneur. Rumpunch lover🍹. Foodie😋. Travel Junkie ✈. Eternal Optimist, Bajan 🌴.

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